Meaningful Nature Sanctuaries in East Africa.
Inspired by nature, community and connection

We are wild. We are interconnected. We are free.
We believe that being in Nature is the ultimate form of luxury, allowing us to slow down and connect with our natural world, ourselves and others in a meaningful way. Our Nature Sanctuaries are built around a deep appreciation for the community that supports us and every blade of grass, every drop of dew, and every touch of wind, that invites us into a deeper connection with our true nature.
Sisini is an invitation to return to who we are.



Naturally Inspired Serenity | Lamai Triangle, Serengeti, Tanzania

On the plains of the Serengeti an agama is as important as an African Lion. They contribute equally to create the magic of this ecosystem. At Sisini Lamai, we live by this. We believe that the small things make up the big experience. Inspired by every living thing – from the leopard to the leopard tortoise, the sprouting blades of grass to the umbrella shaped Acacias, your guide’s wealth of knowledge to the loving fold of your linen sheets – we invite you to slow down and honour all connections, great and small.

That’s the magic of returning to who we are.

Located in the Lamai Triangle of the Northern Serengeti, Lamai Nature Camp offers four intimate and luxurious tents overlooking the endless plains that are home to abundant wildlife. Our luxury tented units are designed to provide complete privacy and offer the utmost comfort, giving you a serene sanctuary to relax and unwind when not out exploring the wonders of Nature.

‘Wilderness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.’
~ Terry Tempest Williams

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